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Gene Expression Omnibus: NCBI gene expression and hybridization array data repository
R Edgar, M Domrachev, AE Lash - Nucleic Acids Research, 2002 - nar.oupjournals.org
... Instead, a tab-delimited ASCII table is stored for each platform and each sample.
The table consists of multiple columns with accompanying column header names. ...
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[PS] Medium-independent table detection
J Hu, R Kashi, D Lopresti, G Wilfong - SPIE Document Recognition and Retrieval VII - bell-labs.com
... Figure 3 shows an example of a table detection result for ASCII input. Note ... 6)
ASCII input Figure 3. ASCII table detection example. Mirroring ...
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[PS] Weaving a Language Independent WEB
N Ramsey, C Van Wyk - Communications of the ACM, 1989 - cs.virginia.edu
... in the unnamed module is considered to be \the program." Figure 3 shows a fragment
of a WEB program; the fragment inverts an EBCDIC- to-ASCII table to obtain ...
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Starburst99: synthesis models for galaxies with active star formation
C Leitherer, D Schaerer, JD Goldader, RMG Delgado, … - Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series - journals.uchicago.edu
... metallicities. Not all time steps are plotted in the figures, but they are
included in the ASCII table file which can be downloaded. The ...
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[BOOK] The Oberon System-User Guide and Programmer's Manual
M Reiser, N Wirth - 1991 - ACM Press, New York
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[CITATION] Description
A Table
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The TauP toolkit; flexible seismic travel-time and ray-path utilities
HP Crotwell, TJ Owens, J Ritsema - Seism. Res. Lett, 1999 - seis.sc.edu
... 3.8 TauP Table TauP Table creates an ASCII table of arrival times for a
range of depths and distances. Its main use is for gener ...
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Model-based analysis of printed tables
EA Green, MS Krishnamoorthy - ICDAR, 1995 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
... An alternative configuration would have a tuple for each table cell, as in the
traditional ASCII table or the periodic table of the elements. ...
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The Supercluster-Void Network I. The Supercluster Catalogue and Large-Scale Distribution
M Einasto, E Tago, J Jaaniste, J Einasto, H … - Arxiv preprint astro-ph/9610088, 1996 - arxiv.org
... Figures 4 and 5, 1 ASCII Table with readme.doc (and the complete paper) are available
by anonymous ftp at this ftp URL, accepted by AAS on August 21, 1996 ...
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ASCII Phonetic Symbols for the World’s Languages: Worldbet
JL Hieronymus - Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 1993 - colton.byuh.edu
... It is an ascii version of the IPA plus a number of symbols which were found useful ...
Appendix B is a table of place and manner of articulation vs Worldbet symbols ...
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Coupled two-way clustering server
G Getz, E Domany - Bioinformatics, 2003 - bioinformatics.oupjournals.org
... The resulting matrix E gs is uploaded in the format used in Cluster (Eisen et al.,
1998), of an ASCII table separated by tabs (see ES links 1,2). Three ...
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Extragalactic Cepheid database
P Lanoix, R Garnier, G Paturel, C Petit, J … - Astronomische Nachrichten, 1999 - doi.wiley.com
... This database is available as an ASCII table on request by sending an
e-mail to Lanoix@obs.univ-lyon1.fr. Table 6: Extract of the ...
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LIFE SPACIES II: from text to form on the Internet using language as genetic code
C Sommerer, L Mignonneau, R Lopez-Gulliver - Proceedings ICAT - mic.atr.co.jp
... character. This is done according to the standard ASCII table shown in Figure
5. 33 ! ... Fig. 5 ASCII table Each character refers to an integer. ...
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Developmental profile and synaptic origin of early network oscillations in the CA1 region of rat …
O Garaschuk, E Hanse, A Konnerth, A chemicals were … - J Physiol, 1998 - jphysiol.org
... representing spatial averages from up to thirty-two defined pixel regions were
displayed on-line as a function of time and saved as an ASCII table for further ...
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Layout & language: preliminary experiments in assigning logical structure to table cells
M Hurst, S Douglas - Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Applied Natural …, 1997 - portal.acm.org
... content to many SGML table DTDS, and is also a plausible output from completely
domain-independent techniques for table recognition in ASCII text or images, eg ...
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A New Multiplet Table for Fe
IG Nave, S Johansson, RCM Learner, AP Thorne, JW … - Arxiv preprint astro-ph/9404049, 1994 - arxiv.org
... A new multiplet table for Fe I ... The table for Fe I includes gf-values for ∌1950
lines, some of which have an uncertainty of only a few per cent. ...
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A Hierarchical Grouping Convention for FITS
DG Jennings, WD Pence, M Folk, BM Schlesinger - preprint, available electronically from http://fits. gsfc. …, 1997 - fits.gsfc.nasa.gov
... One user defined column is present. Note that in this example an ASCII table
(as opposed to a binary table) is used to define the group. ...
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CHARM: A Catalog of High Angular Resolution Measurements
A Richichi, I Percheron - A&A, 2002 - edpsciences.org
... mentioned above are pro- vided in the form of ASCII data files, which are accessed
in the full version of CHARM by means of hyperlinks from the main table. ...
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[CITATION] ASCII codes have the value 0... 255
A Code - Please refer to ASCII Table below: Char= Code Char= Code …
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[CITATION] 236 Comment# 236 (T) pg: 51, clause: 7.2. 16, para: 1st after table 59 Regarding"... using ASCII
SY Comment - … is more restrictive regarding ASCII character encoding. For …
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[CITATION] rul using an ASCII text editor such as Windows Notepad. The Language Table is maintained as an ASCII
O Language - Note
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Interpolation of MOSFET table data in width, length, and temperature
MG Graham, JJ Paulos - IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated …, 1993 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
... ble. The resulting ASCII current table was 121 783 bytes long. The raw data
were monotonic and no smoothing was performed. However ...
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Structure in On-line Documents
AK Jain, AM Namboodiri, J Subrahmonia, Y Heights - Stroke - doi.ieeecomputersociety.org
... The text in each cell is supplied to a text recognizer 2 and the re- sults are written
into an ASCII table for exporting it to Mi- crosoft Excel c ­ . Figure ...
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[PS] Table structure recognition and its evaluation
J Hu, R Kashi, D Lopresti, G Wilfong - Proceedings of Document Recognition and Retrieval VIII - bell-labs.com
... This forms part of a prototype we have implemented for a complete, end-to-end table
understanding system that takes raw ASCII text as input, detects and parses ...
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A Funky Language for Teenzz to Use": Representing Gulf Arabic in Instant Messaging
D Palfreyman, M al Khalil, S Perspectives, P … - Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, 2003 - ascusc.org
... The Arabic sounds and the symbols used to represent them in normal and ASCII-ized
orthography are shown in Table 3. Note that the visual resemblance is clearer ...
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[CITATION] … value on an alpha-numeric character-by-character basis, using the ASCII table displayed on page 3-7 …
UBAUB Actions - … -bycharacter basis, using the ASCII table displayed on page
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Note on an ASCII-Octal code table
WS Crosby
 - Communications of the ACM, 1965 - portal.acm.org
... Note on an ASCII-Octal code table. Full text, pdf formatPdf (281 KB). Source,
Communications of the ACM archive Volume 8 , Issue 10 ...
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Economics Working Paper Archive at WUSTL
SYW Equations, S Deviation, M Values, TSB … - ideas.repec.org
... ASCII Files and Reading Matrix Data by Kirby Adam JR Faciane [Downloadable ... Analysis
of Variance Table Reproduction by Kirby Adam JR Faciane [Downloadable!]; ...
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T1 An AT&T designation for a digital link with a bandwidth of 1.544 Mbps.
S ASCII - doi.wiley.com
... (See ASCII.) ... and playback quality of MIDI files are driven by the level of polyphony
and whether FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis or wave table synthesis is ...
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... an external function or variable by creating a local symbol table containing the
name, encoding the ASCII name with the created symbol table, and dynamically ...
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APL-ASCII: an ASCII overlay standard for APL terminals
LM Breed - ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad, 1973 - portal.acm.org
... contents COLUMN: The APL-ASCII convention in theory table of contents. Pages:
13 - 19. Year of Publication: 1973. ISSN:0163-6006. Author, ...
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An APL-ASCII graphics terminal
JR Rowley - Proceedings of the conference on Visualization'02, 1973 - portal.acm.org
... contents COLUMN: The APL-ASCII convention in practice table of contents. Pages:
20 - 21. Year of Publication: 1973. ISSN:0163-6006. Author, ...
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The APL-ASCII convention in theory
ACM Source - portal.acm.org
... COLUMN: The APL-ASCII convention in theory table of contents. Year of Publication:
1973. ISSN:0163-6006. Publisher, ACM Press New York, NY, USA. ...
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The APL-ASCII convention in practice
ACM Source - portal.acm.org
... COLUMN: The APL-ASCII convention in practice table of contents. Year of Publication:
1973. ISSN:0163-6006. Publisher, ACM Press New York, NY, USA. ...
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ASCII Article
C Yeates, MR Gillings, AD Davison, N Altavilla, DA … - collection.nlc-bnc.ca
BPO ASCII Article. ... of pristine vs polluted soils and were compared by further soil
testing (Biological and Chemical Research Institute, Sydney) (Table 1). [See ...
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John P. Tully Sequential ASCII Interface Loop (SAIL) Automated Weather System Data Quality Control …
KB Kasper, SR Smith, R WOCEMET - apdrc.soest.hawaii.edu
John P. Tully Sequential ASCII Interface ... including dates, number of records, number
of values, number of flags, and percentage flagged are listed in Table 1. A ...
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ASCII Article
HW Deng - collection.nlc-bnc.ca
BPO ASCII Article. To see this ... cyclical parthenogens. Selfing and life-table
experiments were performed for two such Daphnia populations. A ...
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[PS] Table structure recognition based on robust block segmentation
TG Kieninger - Document Recognition V - dfki.uni-kl.de
... (The above mentioned ASCII preprocessor detects and suppresses these grid-lines
in ... It detects table columns with very narrow gaps (approximately 1 space). ...
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E Date, C Date, P Date, I Number, PO Number, WO … - covesys.com
... The combination of department and division must be unique. The division number
points to an entry in the Division table. 5 NAME Name ASCII 30 ...
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Using Plain Base32 ASCII-Compatible Encoding in the Local Part of E-mail Addresses
PC Wu - SAINT, 2002 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
... The ASCII subsets are also shown in the table. 4. Design Alternatives ... Table 3 summarizes
various ACE methods for encoding UCS in various ASCII subsets. ...
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Damascene copper electroplating for chip interconnections
PC Andricacos, C Uzoh, JO Dukovic, J Horkans, H … - IBM Journal of Research and Development, 1998 - research.ibm.com
... Table of contents: arrowHTML arrowASCII, This article: HTML arrowASCII DOI:
10.1147/rd.425.0567, arrowCopyright info. Damascene copper ...
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Compilation of tRNA sequences and sequences of tRNA genes
M Sprinzl, C Horn, M Brown, A Ioudovitch, S … - Nucleic Acids Research, 1998 - nar.oupjournals.org
... To designate modified nucleotides, the other ASCII signs are employed as defined
in Table 3. Terminology and structure of the modified nucleosides occurring in ...
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Feasibility of detection of curl--h 0 gravitational fields [ADS note: ASCII does not allow correct …
M Bonaldi, M Cerdonio, P Falferi, G Prodi, C … - General Relativity and Gravitational Physics, 1987 - adsabs.harvard.edu
... settings below) · Table of Contents · · Translate Abstract Title: Feasibility of
detection of curl -- h 0 gravitational fields [ADS note: ASCII does not ...
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An ASCII notation for APL
MFC Crick - ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad, 1980 - portal.acm.org
... An ASCII notation for APL. Full text, pdf formatPdf (1.09 MB). Source, ACM SIGAPL
APL Quote Quad archive Volume 11 , Issue 1 (September 1980) table of contents ...
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[PS] A tutorial on character code issues
G old ASCII - fermi.fiz.univ.szczecin.pl
... The following table lists ASCII characters which might be replaced by other
characters in national variants of ASCII. (That is, the ...
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Quantum Automation Series
AI Module, U Guide - cuny.biz
... ASCII Interface Module User Guide 840 USE 108 00 Version 2.0 Page 2. 2 840 USE 108
00 August 2002 Page 3. 840 USE 108 00 August 2002 3 Table of Contents ...
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Building Software from Heterogeneous Environments
M Conroy, E Mandel, J Roll - ASP Conf. Ser - stsci.edu
... tools. Common Data Sets allow users to define an ASCII table to alias different
tool-name:parameter-name pairs. Dynamic parameters ...
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DoD Internet Host Table Specification
E Feinler, K Harrenstien, Z Su, V White - Req. For Com - cis.ohio-state.edu
... Each host table entry is an ASCII text string comprised of 6 fields, where Field
1 = KEYWORD indicating whether this entry pertains to a NET, GATEWAY, or HOST. ...
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Definition of the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS)
RJ Hanisch, A Farris, EW Greisen, WD Pence, BM … - A&A, 2001 - edpsciences.org
... 1988) and a particular ex- tension, ASCII table (Harten et al. ... 7) and the current
standard ex- tensions: ASCII table, image, and binary table (Sect. ...
Cited by 12 - Web Search - aanda.u-strasbg.fr - aanda.u-strasbg.fr - adsabs.harvard.edu

Simulation of Thermal Building Behaviour in Modelica
F Felgner, S Agustina, RC Bohigas, R Merz, L Litz - Proceedings of the 2 ndInternational Modelica Conference, 2002 - modelica.org
... location. The radiation data (total radiation on a hori- zontal surface) is
imported by a new ASCII table reader (component 6A). Table ...
Cited by 6 - View as HTML - Web Search - modelica.org - eit.uni-kl.de - eit.uni-kl.de

From Differential Cryptoanalysis to Ciphertext-Only Attacks
A Biryukov, E Kushilevitz - CRYPTO, 1998 - springerlink.com
... show, for example, that under the assumption that plaintext comes from ASCII encoded
English ... are known to the attacker, he can simply sort the table of given ...
Cited by 8 - Web Search - cs.technion.ac.il - portal.acm.org

Why Table Ground-Truthing is Hard
J Hu, RS Kashi, DP Lopresti, GT Wilfong, G Nagy - ICDAR, 2001 - doi.ieeecomputersociety.org
... and editing table DAG's. The user interface portions of the system are written in
Tcl/Tk. Input is accepted in both image (TIF) and text (ASCII) formats. ...
Cited by 24 - Web Search - doi.ieeecs.org - research.avayalabs.com - research.ibm.com - all 9 versions »

Expanding the TRANSFAC database towards an expert system of regulatory molecular mechanisms
T Heinemeyer, X Chen, H Karas, AE Kel, OV Kel, I … - Nucleic Acids Research, 1999 - nar.oupjournals.org
... TRANSFAC has been made publicly available and distributed in six ASCII flat files
(Table 1). In the last year, TRANSFAC releases 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 have been ...
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Binary Compression Rates for ASCII Formats
M Isenburg, J Snoeyink - Proceedings of Web3D Symposium, 2003 - portal.acm.org
... of which con- tains one of the polygon models shown in Figure 2. The size of the
(gzipped) ASCII file for each of these scenes is listed in Table 2. Side by ...
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STARS (Subaru Telescope archive system) for the effective return from Subaru Telescope
T Takata, R Ogasawara, G Kosugi, Y Mizumoto, S … - Proceedings of SPIE, 2003 -
... the data will be backed-up into tape library (Sony Peta-Site) and go into some
processes such as extractions of FITS header and FITS ASCII table extensions and ...
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ASCII and Unicode quotation marks
M Kuhn - cl.cam.ac.uk
... So if you write a PostScript driver, please use the official Unicode to PostScript
mapping table to map ASCII, ISO 8859 and ISO 10646 characters to PostScript ...
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Emission line properties of the large bright quasar survey
K Forster, PJ Green, TL Aldcroft, M Vestergaard, … - Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series - journals.uchicago.edu
... of input data sets that may be in different formats (eg, modeling an ASCII and a ...
list of the 65 objects excluded from this study can be found in Table 1. This ...
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Online Compression of ASCII Files
J Istle, P Mandelbaum, E Regentova - Proceedings of the International Conference on Information …, 2004 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
... The compression technique is designed for on-line compression of ASCII files. ... The
compression/ decompression time is equivalent to the table look- up. ...
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APL: ASCII standard?
D Laughland - ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad, 1974 - portal.acm.org
... APL: ASCII standard? Full text, pdf formatPdf (331 KB). Source, ACM SIGAPL APL Quote
Quad archive Volume 5 , Issue 2 Fall 1974 table of contents ...
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Learning to Classify Text from Labeled and Unlabeled Documents
K Nigam, A McCallum, S Thrun, TM Mitchell - AAAI/IAAI, 1998 - www-2.cs.cmu.edu
... As described in Table 1, EM alternately gener- ates probabilistically-weighted labels
for the unlabeled documents, and a more probable model with smaller ...
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Precision Higgs physics at a$\ gamma\ gamma$ collider
M Melles - Arxiv preprint hep-ph/0008125, 2000 - arxiv.org
Page 1. arXiv:hep-ph/0008125 v1 12 Aug 2000 Precision Higgs physics at
a γγ collider Michael Melles a a Paul Scherrer Institute ...
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ASCII Article
JI Lee, SK Woo, KI Kim, KC Park, SH Baek, YJ Yoo, … - collection.nlc-bnc.ca
BPO ASCII Article. ... Table 1 shows that the acid-soluble radioactivity increases in
an incubation time-dependent fashion and this increase can be completely ...
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Major Licensee Electronic Data Transfer
MEDTAF Structure, E List - icw.for.gov.bc.ca
... MLSIS-EDT Ascii File Structure http://www ... AM] Page 12. RECORD POSITION DESCRIPTION
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Table Ground Truth Generation and a Background-Analysis-Based Table Structure Extraction Method
Y Wang, RM Haralick, IT Phillips - ICDAR, 2001 - doi.ieeecomputersociety.org
... based on local analysis [3]. A dynamic pro- gramming table recognition algorithm ...
Because it is ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Inter- change) text ...
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3D Compression Made Simple: Edgebreaker on a Corner-Table
J Rossignac, A Safonova, A Szymczak - Shape Modeling International Conference, 2001 - gvu.gatech.edu
... Alternatively, the ASCII symbols may be stored for entropy compression. ... We use
lower-case letters that follow a period to refer to table entries or functions ...
Cited by 25 - View as HTML - Web Search - www-2.cs.cmu.edu - cs.technion.ac.il

MAUS versus FUNKTIONSTASTE: ein empirischer Vergleich einer desktop-mit einer ascii-orientierten …
M Rauterberg - Berichte des German Chapter of the ACM, 1989 - portal.acm.org
... ein empirischer Vergleich einer desktop- mit einer ascii-orientierten
BenutzungsoberflÀche. ... the ACM und der Gesellschaft fÌr Informatik (GI) table of contents. ...
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[PS] UNLV-ISRI document collection for research in OCR and information retrieval
K Taghva, T Nartker, J Borsack, A Condit, T Report - Proc. IS&T/SPIE 2000 Intl. Symp. on Electronic Imaging … - isri.unlv.edu
... 0660 8 table is missing from ASCII le 0663 1 Image has text continued from another
page continued on the present page. This text is not in the ASCII le. ...
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ASCII Transliteration Schemes
OC Waterloo - portal.acm.org
... Because of this and because of several articles about ASCII transliteration schemes
in the ... relatively easy to learn to read, even ifit requires a table at hand ...
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Scientific Computations on a NASA Reconfigurable Hypercomputer.
OO Storaasli, RC Singleterry, S Brown - 5th Military and Aerospace Programmable Logic Devices (MAPLD …, 2002 - acmb.larc.nasa.gov
... is more understandable and often replaces many pages of traditional one- dimensional
ASCII code. Table 2 shows the rapid advances in Viva capability. ...
Cited by 3 - View as HTML - Web Search - hummer.larc.nasa.gov

[PS] An ASCII Database for Fast Queries of Relatively Stable Data
EHH II, RA Finkel - Computing Systems, 1991 - hsdi.com
... Updates create data outside the scope of the hash table that must be searched in
a less ecient ... Attribute values are stored as arbitrary-length Ascii strings. ...
Cited by 2 - View as HTML - Web Search - ftp2.de.freebsd.org

Coding with ASCII: compact, yet text-based 3D content
M Isenburg, J Snoeyink, I Sophia-Antipolis - Proceedings First International Symposium on 3D Data …, 2002 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
... In this paper we (a) show that the concept of coding with ASCII can be extended ... shown
in Figure 1. The main contents of this scene are described in Table 1, 2 ...
Cited by 3 - Web Search - doi.ieeecomputersociety.org - doi.ieeecs.org - cs.unc.edu - all 7 versions »

RA WADE, I HUBENY - THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 1998 - journals.uchicago.edu
... An ASCII table of the synthetic disk spectra has been made for each model. 2 Table
5 shows the beginning and the end of the ASCII table for the disk model zz. ...
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JBIG-ABIC compression engine for digital document processing
KM Marks - IBM Journal of Research and Development, 1998 - research.ibm.com
... Table of contents: arrowHTML arrowASCII, This article: HTML arrowASCII DOI:
10.1147/rd.426.0753, arrowCopyright info. A JBIG-ABIC compression ...
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Multivalent Documents: Inducing Structure and Behaviors in Online Digital Documents
TA Phelps, R Wilensky - HICSS (5), 1996 - doi.ieeecs.org
... A multivalent framework may associate structural information such as a description
of the tows and columns of the table, as well as the ASCII text in each cell ...
Cited by 15 - Web Search - doi.ieeecomputersociety.org - ieeexplore.ieee.org - portal.acm.org

[PS] On the Time-Memory Tradeoff Between exhaustive key search and table precomputation
J Borst, B Preneel, J Vandewalle - Proc. of the 19th Symposium in Information Theory in the …, 1998 - esat.kuleuven.ac.be
Page 1. On the Time-Memory Tradeo Between Exhaustive Key Search and Table
Precomputation ... Exhaustive key search and table precomputation are two of such attacks. ...
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A computerized remote table control for fast on-line patient repositioning: implementation and …
A Bel, O Petrascu, I Van de Vondel, L Coppens, N … - Med Phys, 2000 - dx.doi.org
... The table is connected to a low-level server, which takes care of the details of
the ... This user-interface exchanges data with the server via 2 ASCII files. ...
Cited by 8 - Web Search - link.aip.org - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov - adsabs.harvard.edu

Recognition of table of contents for electronic library consulting
A Belaıd - IJDAR: International Journal on Document Analysis and …, 2001 - springerlink.com
... Recognition of table of contents for electronic library consulting A. Belaıd ... This
method operates on a roughly structured ASCII file, produced by OCR. ...
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Representations of world coordinates in FITS
EW Greisen, MR Calabretta - A&A, 2002 - edpsciences.org
... A few non-linear algorithms may also require character- valued parameters, for example,
table lookups require the names of the table extension and the columns ...
Cited by 25 - Web Search - fukuoka-edu.ac.jp - aanda.u-strasbg.fr - pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu - all 16 versions »

gstat user’s manual
EJ Pebesma - Internal publication RIVM, 1994 - phyllotis.unm.edu
... Measurement data (measured values, their spatial coordinates, and option- ally base
function values) are read from ascii table or (simplified) GeoEAS table ...
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AEE sulla Fusione, CR Frascati - NUCLEAR FUSION, 1997 - iop.org
... An ASCII table or KaleidaGraph MacIntosh data file of the ion fractions from 6 eV
to 90 keV can be obtained by e-mail by sending a request to brentQbumbry.1lnl ...
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Coding polygon meshes as compressable ASCII.
M Isenburg, J Snoeyink - Web3D, 2002 - portal.acm.org
Coding Polygon Meshes as Compressable ASCII ... Our scheme codes polygon meshes as ASCII
strings that compress well with standard compression schemes such as gzip. ...
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Combinatorial test techniques: Table-based automation, test generation and code coverage
K Burr, W Young - Proc. of the Intl. Conf. on Software Testing Analysis & …, 1998 - aetgweb.argreenhouse.com
... x4002cocos, we wanted to expand the “messageé rule shown in Table 3. , since ... Realizing
that a message is composed of ASCII characters and white space would ...
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Automatic test data generation for program paths using genetic algorithms.
PMS Bueno, M Jino - International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge …, 2002 - ejournals.wspc.com.sg
... Table 1. Predicate functions versus relational operator. ... involves comparisons between
characters the EP calculation is done considering ASCII values associated ...
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A Tabular Survey of Automated Table Processing
DP Lopresti, G Nagy - GREC, 1999 - springerlink.com
A Tabular Survey of Automated Table Processing Daniel Lopresti 1 and George Nagy
2 ... 94 Daniel Lopresti and George Nagy Table 1. Motivation and definitions. ...
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Plasma processing damage in etching and deposition
SJ Fonash - IBM Journal of Research and Development, 1999 - research.ibm.com
Volume 43, 1/2, 1999 Plasma processing. Table of contents: arrowHTML arrowASCII,
This article: HTML arrowASCII DOI: 10.1147/rd.431.0103, arrowCopyright info. ...
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Fast exact string patternmatching algorithms adapted to the characteristics of the medical language
C Lovis, R Baud - J Am Med Inform Assoc, 2000 - pubmedcentral.nih.gov
... single symbol present in the alphabet. For usual hardware platforms, it
consists of the 256 entries found in an 8-bit ASCII table. ...
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APL-ASCII transliteration
J Weigang - ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad, 1995 - portal.acm.org
... APL-ASCII transliteration. Full text, pdf formatPdf (496 KB). Source, ACM SIGAPL
APL Quote Quad archive Volume 25 , Issue 3 (March 1995) table of contents. ...
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ICEG2D--an integrated software package for automated prediction of flow fields for single-element …
DS Thompson, BK Soni - NASA CR, 2000 - icebox-esn.grc.nasa.gov
... inp NPARC input file FORTRAN namelist file .rst NPARC restart file FORTRAN unformatted
file .out NPARC standard output ASCII Table 2. Default File Extensions ...
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The NASA astrophysics data system: architecture
A Accomazzi, G Eichhorn, MJ Kurtz, CS Grant, SS … - Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser, 2000 - edpsciences.org
... While we had been using ASCII identifiers to cross-correlate authors and affiliations
in ... The table of translation rules used by the indexing and search engine ...
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Free software toolkit for Japanese large vocabulary continuous speech recognition
T Kawahara, A Lee, T Kobayashi, K Takeda, N … - Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Spoken …, 2000 - julius.sourceforge.jp
... We adopt the CMU-Cambridge SLM toolkit format as it is also an ASCII file. ... The list
of language models are given in Table 3 and Table 4. Page 3. ...
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ASCII, 339 Asymptotic expansion, 97 Asymptotic series, 97–103 Asymptotic time complexity, 155
QR Basic - doi.wiley.com
... 535 Anechoic chamber, 544 Appolonius’ identity, 35 Argmin, 39 ASCII, 339 Asymptotic ...
64 Divided differences, 257–259 Divided-difference table, 264 Dominant ...
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Augmented ASCII standard-comments solicited
ACM Source - portal.acm.org
... Augmented ASCII standard - comments solicited. ... Source, ACM SIGCOMM Computer
Communication Review archive Volume 7 , Issue 2 (April 1977) table of contents. ...
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Porting APL-Programs via ASCII-Transliteration
J Mitloehner - APL, 1992 - portal.acm.org
... the abbreviated character name. The following table shows the translation of the
char- acters of the APL character set to the ASCII character Johann Mitlohner ...
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[PS] Intelligent Software Synthesis in the DaCapo Environment
B Steen, B Freitag, A Claen, T Margaria, U … - Proc. 6th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, Aarhus, …, 1994 - im.fmi.uni-passau.de
... are dealt with either by ground instantiation as eg in the case of psnup-2 in Table
1 or interactively as 3 Page 5. basic type description ascii plain ASCII ...
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ASCII Article
BP Burns, GL Mendz, SL Hazell - collection.nlc-bnc.ca
BPO ASCII Article. ... Comparison of the rates in Table 1, indicated that each method
represented a valid procedure for studying ACTase activity in H. pylori. ...
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Layout and Language: Preliminary Investigations in Recognizing the Structure of Tables
M Hurst, S Douglas - ICDAR, 1997 - doi.ieeecomputersociety.org
... information content to many sGML table DTDS, and is also a plausible output from
completely domain-independent systems for table recognition in ascii text or ...
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Code Exlension in ASCII*(An ASA Tutorial)
S GORN - portal.acm.org
... may receive, without hazard, information containing any of the 95 ASCII graphics. ...
alphabet a graphic substitution for the le Latin letters in the code table. ...
Web Search - portal.acm.org

Event Correlation Services ASCII Module
HP OpenView - ovweb.external.hp.com
... 64 Table 3-1. ASCII to ECDL Event Type Mapping. . . . . 67 Page
10. 10 Tables Page 11. 11 Learning Products Map ...
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ASCII transliteration schemes
LF Dickey - ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad, 1995 - portal.acm.org
... ASCII transliteration schemes. Full text, pdf formatPdf (414 KB). Source, ACM SIGAPL
APL Quote Quad archive Volume 26 , Issue 2 (December 1995) table of contents ...
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Description of the program
A Murtagh, A Fletcher, C Code, A Hardware, IBM … - qt1.iq.usp.br
... Language: FORTRAN 77 Card Code: ASCII Hardware: IBM RISC6000 Source lines: 52281 ...
The basis used as well as the domain of the periodic table covered depends on ...
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